Thursday, 11 February 2010

so where did my ambition to blog go to????

Right, I was all gung ho to do blogging and then it just went....puff....I never thought about it, could not even remember WHERE I was blogging, until today when I found the address.
What is it about the internet that makes me lose interest quickly? Maybe it is because in many ways my life is quite humdrum and I can't imagine anyone being interested in reading about me. I find other blogs so much more compelling than my own little corner of the world.
However for the past two weeks I have been reading "An Olive Farm" and "An Olive Season" by Carol Drinkwater. For those of you 'in the know' she played Helen, wife of James Herriot in the Vet series on tv. Well she bought this broken down house in the South of France in the hills of Cannes and it is the story of how she and her husband have made a FANTASTIC place out of it. Now, I thought I might just write AN ORDINARY woman's life in France. Not so 'went to the Canne Film Festival' or 'flew to Austrailia to be in a play'. Of course I do not have a broken down stone house to redo, but I do have some French experiences I could share. By the by she does write great books and seems a genuine down to earth lady. She even answered my email which was fantastic and not something I was expecting.
So here I go again, another try at regular blogging.
First up this winter has been COLD COLD COLD. Not the norm for this area at all and we are all complaining. My neighbours keep telling me 'never been this bad before' and 'many years since we have had this kind of weather' and they are now all poo pooing the idea of global warming, while trying to keep warm, with great coats, boots, scarfs and gloves.
We went to England for Christmas, I was longing for Christmas carols and all the good things that go with an English Christmas. However, we drove from here to England in front of the lovely snow that arrived the same night as we did. And then we were stuck in the house for a week. So no Christmas carol services, no church services, no kiddies doing their thing with the creche, most disappointing. But I did discover THE XBOX. What a hoot, I never thought I would like it, and I don't for playing games, but they have something called 1 vs 100 and it is played on the Interent with the whole of Europe and it like trivial pursuits with thousands playing. My dear son and his partner bought us one for Christmas so that is what I spend some evenings doing now I am back home, in the land of the French. I will continue with this another day as I have to go out now. And I can say I have had my fill of the white stuff, which hearing on the news that snow is expected here TONIGHT!!!!! Heaven preserve us all.