Thursday, 30 April 2009

wet weeend

I had meant to post about the dentist's visit, but time ran out on me. However, it was not in the least painful as all he did was to take a form of my teeth. The weekend was planned with 10 friends an a BBQ. So what happened? The heavens opened on Sunday, with wind, and eating out, but we did BBQ the meat and fish. All went well with the sardines, then came the merguez and chops, half way through the gas ran out!!!!! So I ended up doing the cooking after all, and here was me thinking I was going to have a relaxing Sunday. Ah well, we did have fun anyway. The week so far has been lovely, but still a bit of wind. Had a doctor's visit on Monday and halleluja, my blood tests were good, everything had come down, so I am very happy with the way of eatiing I started two weeks ago. Took some getting used to, but now I am really enjoying it and don't feel at all hungry. And cm's are coming off, which is what I wanted, and of course, my blood work is good. Tomorrow it is a holiday here, so we are going, with friends, to a big camp picnic up at Plan D'Aups, which is where we have the bible camp. I am looking forward to doing some walking and breathing the air of the mountains. Sacha went to his hairdresser on Tuesday and he looks so SMALL now all his hair has gone. He is a poppet. Next week I have another dentist appointment, this time I think to work on getting the plate fixed. Poor Ray has a much harder procedure than me, each time he seems to be in the chair over 2 hours!!!!
Take care and have a good week.

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  1. do they live with themselves after inflicting discomfort on the human race every day?

    I guess my students might ask the same question about me!